TRANSITEC is an independent engineering consultancy firm, specialized in mobility since its foundation in 1954. Our company covers all the thematic areas and all the stages of intervention in this field.

TRANSITEC's know-how is recognized in all the countries where the firm has permanent offices (Switzerland, France, Belgium, Morocco, Portugal), as well as internationally. Our interventions are characterized by an integrated approach based on a robust methodology and constant attention to our clients' needs. Solutions are always proposed in an objective, responsible, and partnership-oriented way. Our goal is to "do more and do better with less" by optimizing existing multimodal infrastructures and services before developing new ones. This pragmatic approach goes hand in hand with a sustained attention and openness to innovative solutions.

Our engineers guarantee the highest standards of quality in our studies and an attentive hear to our clients' and partner's requests. They have a strong interest for mobility and academic qualifications as well as professional experience in this sector. They also attach great importance to communication and regularly benefit from internal training courses in order to stay up to date on the latest methodological or technological developments.

TRANSITEC is proud to be a human-scale company, sharing common values across its multiple offices. The thousands of missions that we have successfully carried out bear testimony to the quality and relevance of the services that we offer to our clients and partners.


TRANSITEC takes a detailed, methodical approach to our work – and it is on this principle that we have built our reputation.

The key to good planning and a successful project is often to be found in the way it was designed, with:

  • a clear statement of objectives and a responsible identification of constraints
  • transparent involvement of all stakeholders
  • a clear problem statement and break-down of key challenges
  • alternatives analysis and evaluation of useful scenarios
  • establishment of fundamental project principles and overall guidelines before drawing up detailed actions
  • dynamic risk management.

Before beginning any project, we always carefully document our working method with our clients and partners, which ensures that it is both appropriate and efficient.

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TRANSITEC staff is passionate about new technology, the evolution of society, and anything that might improve engineering design and services. Planning and managing mobility in an integrated, sustainable way is not easy, so we approach our work with an open mind and are always keen to learn from others. We read widely and follow, for example, peer-reviewed research on international successes and failures. Our commitment to openness and diversity has meant that we:

  • work in very different contexts and countries
  • work at all spatial levels and at all phases of a mobility project
  • commit fully to teaching and applied research
  • strongly support the development and sharing of knowledge within the Group and, more broadly, with partners.


As specialists in mobility engineering and transport systems, TRANSITEC cannot work in a vacuum. Our work intersects with land-use and regional development, urban planning, environmental planning, infrastructure design, economics, and sociology, to name a few. At the same time, we work with multiple and diverse stakeholders (government administrators, political powers, operators, investors, the media, civil society, etc).

It is therefore not surprising that the partnership spirit is one of the company's core values, and that our employees excel at working in multidisciplinary teams and carrying out projects in complex environments. To this end, we also are skilled communicators, able to listen, absorb ideas, facilitate the participation of others, and share our knowledge.

This same partnership spirit sees TRANSITEC involved with many professional networks.

Long-term viability

Since 1954, TRANSITEC has developed its reputation within the broad transport and mobility arena, thanks to:

  • the priority we give to quality: the engineering design office looks for ways to improve the relevance and efficiency of its services before attempting to grow sales or staff numbers
  • the respect we have for others: whether our employees, customers, or partners, we place great store by the quality of human relationships, which give our work and lives meaning and motivation
  • our independence: from the beginning, the company has been proudly and exclusively owned by its loyal staff, over more than three generations.

These values, combined with rigorous management and an agile organisation, are the basis of TRANSITEC and its future.


Consequently, our office aims to be exemplary in carrying out its responsibilities, including:

  • human resources management
  • ethical conduct in acquiring and carrying out project work
  • finding solutions that promote social equity and preserve the environment
  • a commitment to younger generations and to the profession as a whole.

Technical skill

Individuals, companies and regions are confronted with complex access and mobility issues that can be competing and conflictual at times. What should take precedence: competitiveness, cost, equity, or the environment? These issues can become the focal point of heated political debate.

As an engineering design and consulting office, TRANSITEC strives to make a contribution through technical expertise that is scientifically based and free of prejudice. Although mobility and transportation is not an exact science, it is nonetheless based on strong technical skills. These are skills which TRANSITEC has, evident in:

  • the outstanding qualifications of company employees
  • the mastery of various specialised software applications (some of which were developed by the engineering design office itself)
  • significant, on-going efforts to build and share knowledge.

Quality assurance

Quality is a constant concern and a ‘non-negotiable’ at TRANSITEC. Without quality, the company simply has no long-term viability. We assure quality by:

  • placing the organisation and execution of every project under the direct responsibility of one of the company directors
  • ensuring constant technical supervision that encourages sharing knowledge
  • systematically checking deliverables produced by TRANSITEC
  • Adequate QA & business management processes applied systemically across the group – our parent company is ISO 9001 (2015) & ISO 9004 (2018) certified
  • Robust environmental management practices in line with the ISO 14001 (2015) standard – certified
  • Investing significantly and continuously in skills development


Since innovation today is necessary for meeting tomorrow's challenges, innovation is integral to the company’s values, culture and everyday activity. For TRANSITEC, the ability to innovate is based, first of all, on curiosity and openness to the world, society, and technology. This mind-set is behind the active and continuing commitment of the engineering design office to:

  • many professional networks (Slocat, SVI, VSS, SIA, LUTB, CODATU, UITP, etc)
  • sharing knowledge and teaching; this requires us to put our own knowledge into perspective
  • applied research.

TRANSITEC also supports innovation directly through substantial investments and a policy of developing skills and services. In addition, all Group employees are encouraged to contribute to innovation through internal processes that facilitate sharing ideas and that finance R&D initiatives.

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