Our expertise

TRANSITEC can deploy a multimodal and transversal approach at every stage of your project (vertical approach), from the timing of a traffic light at a controlled intersection to planning mobility needs for the decades to come, at different spatial scales (from local to national level).

TRANSITEC masters the relevant expertise to support its clients throughout their projects.


TRANSITEC has developed a project planning method based on three core steps:

  • outlining the constraints and objectives for a given project area: in agreement with project stakeholders, the idea is to keep focused and avoid being side-tracked by ideas that are not financially feasible
  • drafting and presenting a clear model that shows how various modes interact with each other as well as with the proposed development or intervention. This step is our ‘trademark’ and ensures that the next step follows
  • a resolutely contextual approach: instead of proposing solutions based on those proven elsewhere, we strive to place each solution in its own context, using the breadth of our diversified skills to design the best possible solution.


Our adherence to our fundamental design principles ensure that our mobility interventions are feasible, relevant, and sustainable:

  • We take a prospective multimodal approach and first diagnose the feasibility of a project, then assess any further project needs and constraints.
  • We generate and evaluate several scenarios based on the hypotheses, the status quo (including existing amenities) and cost projections.li>
  • We search for the most operational and innovative option within the chosen scenario, without hesitating to look beyond the strict project framework to consider possible related measures

This method benefits from our multidisciplinary team, and we take an iterative approach where necessary in order to deliver the final product.

Implementation and operations

TRANSITEC is able to monitor the implementation and operation of a project, whether or not it has been designed by our office. We are able to add value by:

  • taking into account local operating and maintenance constraints
  • testing devices before commissioning
  • responding with specialised teams
  • providing multimodal expertise and expanding the scope ofa study to ensure the project’s success by considering all impacts.

We collect project feedback regularly, in order to continuously provide the necessary resources, expertise and innovation to all our projects.


TRANSITEC has developed substantial skills and experience since its founding in 1954, and is committed to sharing these skills wherever possible.

  • We summarise and explain issues, no matter how complex they might be, with our clients and stakeholders.
  • We use our graphic design team prepare accessible infographics and other visual tools.
  • We offer continuing professional education and training to our employees, to enrich their work and to perpetuate our legacy and reputation

We not only conduct our own research, but we are recognised trainers and participate in a great many educational programs.

Monitoring and evaluation

Revision and improvement is only possible when transport policies, interventions, and governance structures are measured and evaluated. Since a number of factors can influence or contribute to an outcome or impact, it is best to draft a broad range of indicators and evaluation criteria, and invite stakeholders to comment.

TRANSITEC can assist project owners develop monitoring and evaluation plans:

  • We are independent, so we guarantee objective conclusions
  • We take an exhaustive approach to issues to avoid missing a key element
  • We have are able to listen carefully and share insights
  • We have extensive knowledge of the multimodal mobility environment
  • We do more than deliver a monitoring and evaluation plan, but also share our knowledge about methods and practices, and develop implementation plans if necessary.

Advice and support

It is not enough to develop sustainable mobility strategies, interventions and structures – these must of course be implemented.

TRANSITEC can support and advise stakeholders at every phase of policy or intervention development, by offering:

  • the broad expertise and extensive multidisciplinary experience of our teams
  • multiple and varied feedback from European and international projects
  • an ability to listen, share insights and formulate expert opinions
  • an ability to synthesise project information and summarise for clarity and focus
  • responsiveness and availability.
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