Innovative public transport

Public transport plays a key role in urban mobility by enabling a vibrant and balanced development of our cities and regions. It contributes to the densification of urban areas and directs their growth, which generally takes place around the main transport hubs and corridors.

From technical assistance to project owners in the definition of their strategic vision, to the implementation of concrete measures and their follow-up on the ground, TRANSITEC masters all the facets of public transport development and optimization. Whether your project is located in a peripheral region, characterized by low densities, or in an urban areas with millions of inhabitants, we will propose a solution that fits your needs.

Exclusive Right of Way

Planning and implementing urban public transport services with Exclusive Right of Way, (such as tramways or high-level-service busses) goes beyond improved levels of service for one mode (e.g. speed, regularity).

Designing modes with an Exclusive Right of Way offers an opportunity to redefine the transport landscape in favour of all users, by:

  • improving the quality of public spaces, in partnership with landscape architects
  • ensuring that the effect on traffic goes well beyond the project scope
  • taking into account the operational characteristics of each mode or service.

TRANSITEC is able to manage all design and implementation phases, as a team with systems, infrastructure and urban designers.

Performance improvement

When public transport is performing optimally, it is of course more profitable, but it is also more reliable and more attractive to users and potential users.

Priority at traffic lights, the reworking of traffic plans, and the development of Exclusive Rights of Way, are among the measures that can improve public transport performance.

TRANSITEC has extensive experience in this area, and combines solid methodology (including monitoring and evaluation) and innovative solutions with the benefit of lessons learned from its many international projects.

Network planning and structuring

Successful development or restructuring of a public transport network requires attention to detail as well as a knowledge of the ‘big picture’ – an understanding of the institutional and financial issues together with public transport’s interaction with other modes, such as private vehicles, pedestrians, and cyclists.

TRANSITEC is able to support public transport development projects with its:

  • in-depth knowledge of different countries and regions
  • proven methods for completing complex projects
  • skills ranging from contracting assistance to on-site implementation.
Expérimentation d'un transport à la demande zonal

Expérimentation d'un transport à la demande zonal

Pays de Saint Galmier (42), France

Alternative transport services

TRANSITEC has always been on the cutting edge of innovation and is able to identify the best solution, scale it, and design it.

Our experience results from research conducted for local, international, and European clients on autonomous vehicle systems, the sizing of self-service vehicle fleets, urban toll possibilities, and more.

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