Managing intermodality is vital to ensure adequate ridership on any public transport network, designed and organized in a rational manner. Functionality of the network is a prerequisite, but urban integration and additional services are also key success factors. TRANSITEC offers:

  • multimodal know-how
  • a sound expertise in transport operations and information systems
  • systematic attention to urban insertion issues

… and is thus able to assist both public authorities and operators on intermodal transport projects.

Transport interchanges

As a place that both attracts and distributes trips, an urban transport interchange or hub has multiple functions, each of which must serve different needs. Connections should be optimised, pedestrians must have right of way, the technical and roadway footprints should be minimal, and travellers must be comfortable. The space must be safe and accessible, there must be bicycle parking, and the hub should fit into its surroundings and adapt to changing urban dynamics.

TRANSITEC brings its multimodal expertise to this complex context, which is by definition constrained and apt to change. Our designs are truly functional and maintain the quality of the urban landscape.

Park and Ride

The success of a ‘Park and Ride’ depends on a number of factors, including its location (upstream from congestion points), comfortable multimodal access, and a public transport service that is car-competitive.

When working on ‘Park and Ride’ projects, TRANSITEC strives to:

  • place multimodality at the heart of the hub and ensure multiple access points
  • ensure that the facility is scalable (and include technologies that gather user data)
  • use ITS to determine parking requirements and provide real-time feedback
  • identify services and other requirements necessary for the development.
P+R La Foge – Etude de circulation multimodale

P+R La Foge – Etude de circulation multimodale

Chailly-Montreux, Suisse

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