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If you are interested in innovative approaches to mobility questions, care for human values and building long term relationships with a network of clients and partners based on trust, TRANSITEC is the right choice for you!

At TRANSITEC, you will both be given responsibilities and be supervised to progressively acquire the company's culture and know-how, through thematically and geographically diversified missions in Europe, Africa, and elsewhere.

Joining Transitec means to become part of an open-minded and diverse team of professionals united by strong environmental and societal values, committed to promote:

  • Responsible and inclusive governance
  • Social well-being
  • Efficient and virtuous economies
  • Respect for the environment and its limited resources

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TRANSITEC is always on the look-out for new talent – people who are:

  • fascinated by mobility matters
  • creative, and
  • aligned with our company values and approach.

If this describes you, please apply for a position. Your application will be carefully examined, and you may be contacted for an interview.


Vacancies and unsolicited applications

In-house training

To add to their academic training and evident interest in transport matters, all TRANSITEC employees benefit from continued education and training, which guarantees up-to-date knowledge as well as mastery of the methods, techniques and tools used by the company.

Internal seminars geared toward improving and developing our products are regularly organised at the Group level.

For each project, the company deploys a dedicated team with at least three functions: study director, project manager, and research specialist. This requirement guarantees a high level of quality, as well as knowledge transfer.

Company ethos

Although we have offices all over the world, we attach great importance to maintaining a unifying group spirit. This ensures the transmission of the values we have promoted since inception. We do this through:

  • organising internal seminars and workshops
  • hosting regular reviews within the study teams
  • activating engagement sessions among our global office teams, on topics that have cross-cutting relevance
  • ensuring close contact and de-emphasising the hierarchical levels between executive management and other personnel
  • extensive employee shareholding
  • … and convivial get-togethers!
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