Research and prospective

In line with its values centered on innovation, openness and knowledge sharing, TRANSITEC regularly works on projects at the fringe of classic engineering, by contributing to applied research programs or long term prospective thinking.

Mobility possibilities

TRANSITEC is interested in the way in which land-use, urban design and new technology can transform spaces, mobility services, and behaviours.

As an experienced, independent expert, TRANSITEC regularly participates in applied research programmes or develops its own R&D projects.

The company is also frequently involved in discussions with governmental decision-makers or entrepreneurs about future mobility practices and possibilities.

Applied research

For several decades, TRANSITEC has participated in applied research programmes and has contributed to numerous funded projects (notably PREDIT in France, VSS in Switzerland and PCRD in the European Union). We have contributed at either pilot phase or as a member of international and multi-disciplinary academic teams.

Since the 1990s one of our research interests has been that of smart transport systems, in particular the potential of driverless vehicles and how they interact with the urban environment.

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