José Tonato, Keynote speaker for the Urbaplan - Transitec MOOC on urban planning and mobility in Africa

Our MOOC with the African Cities Lab opened on Monday 13 November. José Tonato, Benin's Minister for the Living Environment and Transport, has honoured us with his presence. A live webinar on the link between urban form and mobility will take place on 21 November.

The MOOC "Sustainable urbanisation in Africa, tools and methods for linking urban planning and mobility policies", produced by Transitec and urbaplan in partnership with the African CitiesLab, is available from Monday 13 November. This MOOC is available in French, with subtitles in English.

As an introduction to this learning path, participants will have the pleasure of discovering:

  • Starting this week, a video interview recorded on 4 October with José Tonato, Benin's Minister for the Living Environment and Transport in charge of Sustainable Development, who is doing us the honour of acting as a key witness on the problems of linking urban planning and transport.
  • On 21 November at 13:00 GMT, an introductory webinar on the fundamental relationship between urban form and daily mobility will be hosted by François Laurent (Associate Director at urbaplan) and Julien Allaire (Director of International Operations at Transitec). On this occasion, they will introduce the issues associated with urban development on the African continent, and look back at the relationship between urban development and modes of transport and the debate that has animated the scientific community since the 1970s around the notion of car dependency.

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