Providing fare and ticketing integration in the Rabat-Salé-Témara transport network: that is the challenge of the recently launched FASEP program!

Through FASEP funding, Transitec Consulting Engineers and MT3 are supporting Rabat's urban mobility stakeholders in the improvement of intermodality and integration of fares and ticketing in the public transport network.

Aware of the importance to offer an efficient public transport service to control congestion and motorization in the city, the Intercity Cooperation Agency (ECI) and Rabat Région Mobilité (RRM - formerly STRS) are committed to improve intermodality through fare and ticketing integration at the agglomeration level.

The public transport network of the Rabat-Salé-Témara agglomeration currently comprises three major networks:

  • a bus network: 350 buses plying over 27 lines;
  • a tram network: 2 lines covering a network of 27 km over 42 stations, and a planned extension of 37 km and 45 new stations for which the detailed studies are well advanced;
  • a taxi network: "small cabs" intra-city trips and "large cabs" for inter-city connections.

Intermodality is poorly developed today, whether it is on a physical level (multimodal hubs) or in terms of pricing and ticketing, resulting in low ridership and performance of the three networks. Transitec Consulting Engineers and MT3 are supporting ECI and RRM (ex-STRS) in this process with the objective of proposing short and medium term scenarios (2025/2026) to develop concrete and sustainable solutions to improve user experience and make the public transport networks more attractive while remaining vigilant on the economic and financial balances, sometimes fragile, on the operator's side.

Mission 1, which consists of carrying out an in-depth diagnosis of the existing situation, was launched on March 1 and should be completed in early July 2022. Intermodality scenarios will be proposed in the fall of 2022. 

This study is financed through FASEP (Fonds d'étude et d'Aide au Secteur Privé), a fund made available by the French Ministry of Economy and Finance, which aims to promote the development of sustainable solutions in emerging contexts, and to explore opportunities for the deployment of French industrial know-how abroad.

An Advisory Group, made up of 12 French companies, has been created to mobilize this know-how and explore all possible technological solutions to strengthen ticketing interoperability and passenger information across networks. The first meeting of the Avisory Group was held on June 7, 2022 in Bercy (Paris) and a delegation from ECI and RRM (formerly STRS) took part in the European Mobility Expo in Paris on June 7 and 8. This visit has been a great opportunity for the moroccan stakeholders to meet with French Public Transport Authorities and companies involved in the development of intermodal solutions. 

Finally, with a history of a 10-year long city-to-city cooperation with Lyon, the ECI-RRM delegation visited the Transport Authority of lyon (SYTRAL) on Thursday, June 9, to meet with experts and discover the measures implemented in the Lyon metropolitan area to offer an efficient and attractive Public Transport network thanks to a strong intermodal integration.

These are great perspectives to set the transport network of the Rabat agglomeration as an example of innovation for the other Moroccan cities...and beyond!

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