SSATP publications: African cities facing the urban mobility crisis

Due to population growth, urban sprawl, economic polarization and increasing motorization, African cities are facing an urban mobility crisis. Two recent SSATP reports present the challenges for 12 African countries.

In its 2015-2020 development plan, SSATP initiated a pilot program to support the development of transport policies to improve accessibility and mobility in African urban areas. The first step in this process was the production of Working Paper No. 106 entitled "Sustainable Mobility and Accessibility Policies in African Cities". This paper describes the "EASI conceptual framework" which includes a set of specific actions listed in four strategic intervention axes: Enable, Avoid, Shift, Improve.

Following this publication, twelve countries received support from SSATP to implement these guidelines: Senegal, Guinea, Côte d'Ivoire, Ghana, Nigeria, Rwanda, Kenya and Ethiopia in 2018-2019; Mali, Burkina Faso, Togo and Benin in 2019-2020. This support, entrusted to Transitec in partnership with Nodalis, ODA and Eco-Access, has resulted in publications for each of the listed countries.

Recently, SSATP has published two reports online that summarize the urban mobility situation in the 12 countries studied. These two transnational reports present the main issues associated with rapid urban development, the explosion in mobility demand and the motorization of trips in African cities. Entitled "African cities facing the urban mobility crisis", these reports highlight the current trends and the measures taken... and those to be taken urgently!

Both reports are available on the SSATP website through the following links:

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