Project launch: paratransit decarbonization in South Africa

The World Bank has appointed a consortium led by Transitec to carry out a prefeasibility study on the potential to shift minibus taxis from internal combustion engines to electric vehicles in South Africa.

As major automobile manufacturers will gradually abandon the production of internal combustion engines, the transition to electric vehicles (EVs) seems almost inescapable globally. However, this will entail new challenges in South Africa, where the national grid is ailing and 80% of electricity production is dependent on coal.

While various studies have looked at the electrification of bus fleets, the main form of public transport in South Africa is the minibus taxi (MBT). This study will look at the implications of a shift to electric vehicles for the MBT sector from an operational, environmental, and financial point of view. Based on a case study in the Gauteng region, this project will model the impact of electrification in terms of energy consumption & emissions and recommend adjustments in operations and business plans to support this transition.

The study on paratransit decarbonization in South Africa is conducted by Transitec in association with Stellenbosch University, the University of Oxford, Nodalis Conseil, and Mont Projects.

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