High Volume Transport (HVT) program: Publication of a ‘State of Knowledge’ Compendium Report on Informal Transport

As part of the UKAID funded TRANSITIONS project within High Volume Transport (HVT) program, Transitec and its partners publish a ‘State of Knowledge’ Compendium Report to understand and support the role of informal public transport in providing affordable, low carbon urban mobility in Sub-Saharan Africa.

Pursuing its ambition to further build the body of knowledge, strengthen capacities and identify routes for the improvement of informal public transport services, the TRANSITIONS project led by VECTOS has completed phase 1 of its activities.

The TRANSITIONS – Informal Transport Compendium Report brings together findings and propositions from over 300 sources in order to present a consolidated understanding of the urban context, the positive contributions and problems of the sector, as well as the organisational models and types of supporting actions that can be taken. Its Executive Summary serves as a concise overview on this crucial aspect of sustainable urban mobility planning, while the Compendium Report provides synopses across multiple topics and an entry point to the wider literature, highlighting where further research and understanding is required.

Moving forward into phase 2, the TRANSITIONS project will undertake research in Accra, Kumasi (Ghana), Cape Town (Afrique du Sud), Freetown (Sierra Leone), and Maputo (Mozambique), based around key themes of clean and efficient transport, and affordable and safe mobility. The Compendium Report paves the way for this, summarising the state of knowledge and key issues arising in relation to each city, as well as presenting the project’s four stage research and decision-support framework. Gaining more detailed understanding of the categories of informal and semi-formal public transport in a city, the business and operating models present, as well as the needs, concerns and aspirations of passengers, is expected to provide a basis for sound policy formulation, planning, and investment.  This research work will lead into the preparation of a Routemap Tool, capacity building events and resources aimed at public authorities, NGOs and donor agencies.

The TRANSITIONS applied research project is a component of the HVT (High Volume Transport) programme funded by UKAID. Transitec is proud to be part of this project, working alongside Vectos, the University of Cape Town (UCT) and a network of city research partners: GoteoMoz, Maputo; SLURC (Sierra Leone Urban Research Centre), Freetown; and KNUST (Kwame Nkrumah University of Science and Technology), Kumasi.

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