Zurich Public Transport (VBZ) unveils its 2050 vision for attractive public transport

VBZ has unveiled its 2050 vision for attractive public transport, consisting of five strategies. This vision is the result of a review conducted with four teams of experts (including Transitec) on the future of public transport.

The Zurich transport company (VBZ) has embarked on a vast strategic review process to define the 2050 vision for the future of their public transport network. VBZ first invited the public to share all their ideas, wishes and opinions on mobility in 2050. VBZ then commissioned four interdisciplinary teams of experts who, based on these results and the more traditional planning framework, developed strategic proposals for public transport development. Each team structured its considerations around a distinct axis: comfort, speed, efficiency and digitalisation. The synthesis of the whole process constitutes the vision of the future of public transport in 2050. It states that to meet the challenges ahead, the network will have to be equipped with a high service level ring tram system, mobility hubs throughout the city and increased digitalization of detailed service solutions.

Transitec, in collaboration with Eckhaus, accompanied the VBZ on the topics of "digitalisation of public transport" by identifying the opportunities and potentials of an automated and flexible transport offer, as well as the integration of new forms of mobility and new technologies. In particular, the contributions of Mobility-as-a-Service platforms, micro-mobility and on-demand offers for low-demand periods and sectors were discussed, as well as the opportunities of digitalisation to increase the efficiency of planning and operation.

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