Paratransit and street usage study in Kampala, Uganda

Transitec leads a study aiming to modernize minibus taxi services, streamline the use of public space, and implement quick-win investment measures in Kampala – financed by AFD and in partnership with Suez, ODA, TfC, and Prome.

In preparation for the development of a pilot BRT system, Transitec supports Kampala Capital City Authority and the Ministry of Works and Transport of Uganda in the following areas:

  •           Modernization of the minibus taxi industry through capacity-building and technical assistance
  •           Data collection and mapping of the minibus taxi network
  •           Integration of commercial and transport activities in the design of public space
  •           Design and implementation of quick-win infrastructure improvement measures

This study will pave the way for the development of a mass transit system in Kampala, integrating existing paratransit operators and street vendors into the urban economy.

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