A SSATP sub-regional workshop to support 4 African countries in their national urban mobility policies

On the 6th and 7th of February 2020, a sub-regional workshop was organized in Bamako by the Malian Ministry of Transport and Urban Mobility and SSATP (Africa Transport Policy Program). This workshop focused on the specific support provided to the Governments of Benin, Burkina Faso, Mali and Togo for the evaluation of urban transport, the management of mobility and the elaboration of a sustainable urban mobility strategy. In all 4 countries, motorbikes represent the higher share of motorized vehicles, which calls for a coordinated response from the public authorities to answer this complex situation.

The Governments of Benin, Burkina Faso, Mali and Togo are supported by the SSATP program to formulate Transport and Urban Mobility Policies (UTM). The task has been entrusted to Transitec, in a consortium with Nodalis. Since July 2019, Transitec has been working with the Ministries in charge of urban mobility in all 4 countries. National Urban Mobility Forums involving decision makers as well as professionals took place in the last quarter of 2019, with the aim of sharing ideas on the recommendations made by Transitec to shape an urban mobility strategy and identify an action plan for capital cities (Bamako, Cotonou, Ouagadougou, Lomé) as well as secondary cities.

The last Forum in Bamako gathered delegations from the 4 studied countries, with national as well as local decision makers sharing their respective experiences around Urban Mobility issues. Representatives from other countries were also invited to share their experiences: Thierno Aw, General Director of CETUD (Dakar, Senegal) and Romain Kouakou, General Director for Transport and Road Traffic (Ivory Coast). The event, facilitated by Transitec, gave interesting insights on how national policies on urban mobility can actually contribute to solve some of the challenges that fast-growing cities are facing.

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