Transitec wins an award at the Southern Africa Transport Conference (SATC)

Transitec, ODA, and 7th Avenue Taxi Association received the Best Practical Paper award at SATC 2019 for their work on the transition of minibus taxi operations to scheduled services in Mitchells Plain, under the auspices of the City of Cape Town.

In 2017, a number of minibus taxi associations were selected by the City of Cape Town to participate in a pilot project on a voluntarily basis. As part of this program, the 7th Avenue and Districts Minibus-Taxi Association of Mitchells Plain implemented a trial run to shift its operations to scheduled services in January 2019. The paper presented by Transitec at SATC 2019 analyses the results of two passenger satisfaction surveys, conducted prior to and during the early stages of the implementation of this trial. The results of the two surveys are compared using different statistical methods to establish whether the shift to scheduled services improved passenger satisfaction as it relates to various attributes of the services. The finding of this research is that the implementation of scheduled services resulted in a substantial increase in satisfaction amongst users. Linear regression analysis confirms that this increase is attributable to the implementation of the trial.

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