Transitec renews its commitment to the City of Cusco, Peru

From the 1st to the 3rd of April 2019, Transitec organised a fifth workshop on improving accessibility in the city of Cusco, a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

As part of the studies carried out by the Transitec-Suez Consulting group on the accessibility of the historical centre of Cusco, a fifth workshop was organised between April 1st and 3rd 2019 with the Provincial municipality of Cusco. Facilitated and run by Transitec, this workshop aimed to adapt the multimodal concept, presented in 2018, to the objectives of the newly elected municipal team. In addition to integrating new objectives regarding the Avenida del Ejército and the multimodal hub of Wanchaq, the suggestions made by Transitec to improve the general accessibility of the city of Cusco were translated into a multimodal and multi-scale vision. The resulting concept for this World Heritage Site, as listed by UNESCO, was approved by the participants during this event.

Consequently, the orientations of this study were presented by Dr. Victor Boluarte, Mayor of Cusco, during a project review event for the bicentenary of Peru. Carried out on April 5th 2019, this event was attended both by the Ministry of Transport and by the President of the Region of Cusco. On this occasion, the Mayor emphasised the necessity of developing a sustainable solution to reinforce the connection of the city with its future airport. In particular, a railway connection could link to the new airport to be built in Chinchero, a village located in the Sacred Valley about 30 km from Cusco.

The mobility plan proposed will allow a solid strategy to be developed in the coming months, with a series of concrete measures aiming to improve the daily life of both locals and tourists. The large majority of the approximated one million yearly visitors of the Machu Picchu, in fact, pass through Cusco today.

Transitec is proud of being part of this beautiful adventure, funded by the Agence Française de Développement (the French agency for development), within the framework of a technical assistance coordinated by CODATU.

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