National-level urban mobility planning in Cameroon

TRANSITEC is working with Cameroon's Ministry of Urban Planning and Habitat to produce national-level recommendations improving the efficiency of urban mobility in main and secondary cities. This project is funded by AFD/MobiliseYourCity.

Urban mobility in Cameroonian cities is often characterised by a generalised disorder, where some modes of transport are overlooked or, in worst case scenarios, forgotten in programmes and projects aimed at producing systemic change. Partially explaining the complex situation that exists today, there has been a historical preference for implementing isolated projects before progressively carrying out the vision set by medium- and long-term plans. As a result, systemic change is seldom achieved and the situation worsens.


TRANSITEC, in close collaboration with DVDH and Transamo, seeks to enact a shift in mindsets in order to put Sustainable Urban Mobility plans as the guiding document in a quest to produce change and progressively revert a complex situation. After conducting an initial diagnostic, the chosen strategy was to organise workshops where all stakeholders would review and comment proposed national-level actions to build consensus and guarantee context-conscious recommendations.


In all, thirteen recommendations were discussed. Recommendations were classified into four main themes: (1) urban mobility governance reinforcement; (2) urban mobility financing improvements; (3) public transport restructuring and modernisation; and (4) improved usage of new transport technologies. Recommendations are designed in such manner as to support the long-term vision for mobility in Cameroonian cities and, thus, they set out clear, precise and organised objectives. The latter are coherent with available human, financial and technical resources of the country and of each city.

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