Roadmap for paratransit reform discussed at third paratransit Consultatitve Forum in Kampala, Uganda

Transitec and ODA convened the third edition of the Paratransit Reform Consultative Forum on the last week of November in Kampala, bringing together delegates from six minibus taxi associations, KCCA, the Ministry of Works and Transport, and other public institutions.

As part of the Pararatransit and Street Usage Study, financed by AFD and commissioned by KCCA and the Ministry of Works and Transport, Transitec and its partner firm ODA have set up a consultative mechanism associating the minibus taxi industry and public authorities to jointly develop an improvement strategy for public transport in the Greater Kampala Metropolitan Area.

After sharing their views on current urban mobility challenges during the first Forum, and building a consensus on high-level objectives during the second Forum, the participants discussed a roadmap for reform during the third Forum. This roadmap is organized around three spheres of intervention:

- regulatory reforms

- business model improvements

- integration of high-capacity vehicles and scheduled services

The Forum is chaired by Independent Chairperson Amanda Ngabirano, and will continue in 2021 under the auspices of the Friedrich-Ebert Foundation (FES).

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