Continuing Professional Development (CPD) and training

TRANSITEC is committed to academic teaching and Continuing Professional Development (CPD).

By teaching at several outstanding schools (such as EPFL, INSA, HES-SO, and EAMAU), we contribute to training new generations of engineers in transport and mobility.

TRANSITEC also teaches professional seminars designed for managers and/or government employees, as part of their continuing education programmes. These are designed for a specific audience, usually at their request.

In one example, in 1998 TRANSITC trained Mobility Counsellors in Wallonia and elsewhere in Belgium. More than 1 000 government employees attended the 16-day course.

In a further example, in response to needs observed in emerging and developing countries, TRANSITEC has organised annual two-week seminars for managers within various spheres of government and international agencies, in collaboration with the URBAPLAN engineering design office in Marseille and Lausanne. This initiative continues under the auspices of AFD and SECO (See website)

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